Walden NRNP:6531 Summer 2023 Final Exam

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6531 summer 2022 Final exam 78%

Question 11 pts

A 55-year-old patient has a blood pressure of 138/85 on three occasions. The patient denies headaches, palpitations, snoring, muscle weakness, and nocturia and does not take any medications. What will the provider do next to evaluate this patient?

Group of answer choices

Assess serum cortisol levels

Continue to monitor blood pressure at each health maintenance visit

Order urinalysis, CBC, BUN, and creatinine

Refer to a specialist for a sleep study

Question 21 pts

A 70 year old male patient with heart failure for 18 months, reports being comfortable while at rest but experiences palpitations and dyspnea when walking to the mailbox. Which classification of heart failure is appropriate based on these symptoms?

Group of answer choices

Class I

Class II

Class III

Class IV

Question 31 pts

A 62 year old female patient reports recurrent chest pain that occurs regardless of activity and is not relieved by rest. The provider administers a nitroglycerin tablet which does not relieve the discomfort. What is the next action?

Group of answer choices

Administer a second nitroglycerin tablet.

Give the patient a beta blocker medication.

Prescribe a calcium channel blocker mediation.

Start aspirin therapy and refer the patient to a cardiologist.


Question 41 pts

A patient who has atopic dermatitis has recurrent secondary bacterial skin infections. What will the provider recommend to help prevent these infections?

Group of answer choices

Bleach baths twice weekly

Frequent bathing with soap and water

Low-dose oral antibiotics

Topical antibiotic ointments

Question 51 pts

A patient is taking a sulfonamide antibiotic and develops a rash that begins peeling. Which type of rash is suspected?

Group of answer choices

Erythema multiforme



Wheal and flare

Question 61 pts

Which is the primary symptom causing discomfort in patients with atopic dermatitis (AD)?

Group of answer choices





Question 71 pts

A primary care provider notes painless, hard lesions on a patient’s external ears that expel a white crystalline substance when pressed. What diagnostic test is indicated?

Group of answer choices

Biopsy of the lesions

Endocrine studies

Rheumatoid factor

Uric acid chemical profile

Question 81 pts

31 year old Ellie experiences a penetrating injury to one eye caused by scissors. The provider notes a single laceration away from the iris that involves the anterior but not the posterior segment. What is the prognosis for this injury?

Group of answer choices

Because the posterior segment is not involved, the prognosis is good.

Blindness is likely with this type of eye injury.

Massive hemorrhage and loss of intraocular contents is likely.

Retinal detachment is almost certain to occur.

Question 91 pts

Which protective precaution is especially important in a metal fabrication workshop?

Group of answer choices

2 mm polycarbonate safety glasses

Eyewash stations

Glasses with UVB protection

Polycarbonate goggles

Question 101 pts

What is an important part of patient care that can minimize the risk of a formal patient complaint even when a mistake is made?

Group of answer choices

Ensuring informed consent for all procedures

Maintaining effective patient communication

Monitoring patient compliance and adherence

Providing complete documentation of visits


Multiple choice questions with answers.


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