Walden NRNP: 6552 summer 2023 final exam

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The greatest risk factor for ovarian cancer is:

Group of answer choices


Family history of ovarian cancer in a first-degree relative

Taking birth control

None of the above

Question 21 pts

42 year old patient presents with a recurrent of vaginal yeast infection. This is the 5th vaginal yeast infection she has had in the past 10 months. Which of the following might be a differential diagnosis for this patient?

Group of answer choices





Question 31 pts

Annabelle is a 17-year-old who came in to see you because she is concerned about a “lump” in her right breast. She first noticed it about a month ago and it has not changed in size since then. On exam you note the mass to be about 2 cm in diameter at about 7:00 on her breast. It feels well-delineated and is freely mobile. There is no nipple discharge. You decide to proceed with imaging. The best diagnostic imaging test for this patient would be:

Group of answer choices


Diagnostic mammography


CT scan

Question 41 pts

Women who survive abuse are at a higher risk of developing a myriad of long-term conditions that may include all of the following EXCEPT;

Group of answer choices

Chronic headaches

Clinical depression

Suicidal ideations


Question 51 pts

The three trisomies for which testing is offered during the second trimester are:

Group of answer choices

  1. 18, 21

16, 19, 21

3, 9, 19

16, 21, 22

Question 61 pts

Your patient is pregnant and has three cats. You educate her that she should have someone else clean the litter box as there is an infection that can spread through cat feces that can be harmful to the unborn baby. The infection is called:

Group of answer choices

  1. Coli


Cat-scratch fever


Question 71 pts

Ibandronate (Boniva, a medication for osteoporosis, can be administered:

Group of answer choices

  1. Orally
  2. Through an IM injection
  3. Intravenously
  4. A and C
  5. A, B, and C

Question 81 pts

What factors can cause premature menopause?

Group of answer choices


Autoimmune disorders

A women’s mother had early menopause

All of the above

Question 91 pts

Taylor just found out she is pregnant. She has irregular periods so she is not exactly sure how far along she is, but she thinks it is pretty early. She asks you about an ultrasound to find out how many weeks she is. You tell her that:

Group of answer choices

Early in the pregnancy is ideal because the ultrasound dating is more accurate than later in the pregnancy

She should wait a couple of months as ultrasound dating is most accurate in the second trimester of pregnancy

An ultrasound really won’t be able to tell her that information

An ultrasound is contraindicated this early in the pregnancy

Question 101 pts

The following is/are absolute contraindication(s) to estrogen use:

Group of answer choices

  1. Known or suspected cancer of the breast
  2. History of biliary tract disorder
  3. History of uterine or ovarian cancer
  4. A and C
  5. A, B, and C


Multiple choice questions with answers.

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Time:          150 minutes

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