NURS-6630N: Approaches to treatment Fall 2023 final exam

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Question 12 pts

Of the following neurotransmitters, which one(s) are known to be severely disrupted in the disease Dementia with Lewy Bodies?

  1. Acetylcholine
  2. Glutamate
  • Dopamine
  1. GABA
  2. Norepinephrine

Group of answer choices

II only

III only

I and II

I and III

Question 22 pts

Choose the correct statement regarding medications used for alcoholism

Group of answer choices

Disulfiram: NMDA receptor antagonist & GABAA agonist

Naltrexone: µ-opioid receptor antagonist that reduces the reinforcement/euphoria produced by alcohol

Acamprosate: enhances the effect of the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid on the GABA receptors by binding to a site that is distinct from the GABA binding site in the central nervous system.

Lorazepam: inhibits alcohol dehydrogenase, leading to a buildup of acetaldehyde


Question 32 pts

Which of the following drugs is structurally similar to tramadol; thus, its opioid-mediated analgesia can be reversed by naloxone in mice?

Group of answer choices





Question 42 pts

Which of the following drugs in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease requires administration with food?

Group of answer choices





Question 52 pts

Which features are consistent with delirium?

  1. Acute onset
  2. Gradual onset
  • Course of disease fluctuates
  1. Course of diseases does not fluctuate
  2. Impaired attention
  3. Normal attention

Group of answer choices

II, IV, and VI

I and III

II and IV

I, III, and V


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