NRNP 6645 End of winter 2024 exam Walden University

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Which of the following is the guiding Principle of Addiction Recovery associated with the concept “recovery encompasses an individual’s whole life”?

Group of answer choices

Recovery emerges from hope.

Recovery is supported through relationships and social networks.

Recovery is holistic.

Recovery is based on respect.


Question 21 pts

Which of the following is consistent with the psychotherapeutic approach used by existential  psychotherapists?

Group of answer choices

The existential approach has a specific set of techniques used.

The existential relies on the patient to drive the therapeutic direction.

The existential therapist presents broad existential themes but avoids in-depth questioning.

The existential psychotherapist is free to draw on techniques from other psychotherapeutic models .

Question 31 pts

In working with an older adult patient in the termination phase the therapist suggests it may be helpful to teach family members ways to support the patient and prevent relapse. This suggestion demonstrates which of the following?

Group of answer choices

A major HIPPA violation

Lack of confidence in the patient and the therapeutic process of CBT

An appropriate strategy to solidify a supportive network for the patient.

Resistance to terminating the therapeutic relationship.

Question 41 pts

The person-centered therapist is expected to exhibit which of the following characteristics?

Group of answer choices


Unconditional positive regard

Accurate empathic understanding

All of these


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