Walden NUR:6521 Week 11 Spring Final Exam

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6521: Week 11 Final Exam May 202

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Question 11 pts

An elderly woman is slated for a hemiarthroplasty (hip replacement surgery) after falling and breaking her hip on the stairs outside her home. The woman’s pain in the time since her injury has been severe, and her care team has been treating it with morphine. Which of the following administration schedules is most likely to control the patient’s pain?

Group of answer choices

Scheduled doses of short-acting morphine q1h around the clock

Twice-daily doses of long-acting morphine, with short-acting morphine available for breakthrough pain

A large long-acting dose of morphine at 8 a.m. with smaller doses at 12 p.m., 5 p.m., and 10 p.m.

Alternating doses of long-acting morphine with short-acting morphine
Question 21 pts

A 59-year-old man with a recent history of erectile dysfunction has been assessed and prescribed sildenafil (Viagra). When providing patient education to this man, the nurse should tell him which of the following?

Group of answer choices

“You might find that your face becomes flushed or you get a headache after you take Viagra.”

“You should take your Viagra at the same time each morning, ideally on an empty stomach.”

“Make sure that you don’t take any other prescription medications while you’re using Viagra.”

“If you get some heart palpitations or dizziness after you take Viagra, know that this is normal and will pass with time.”

Question 31 pts

The anticoagulant drug that acts as a vitamin K antagonist is:

Group of answer choices





Question 41 pts

A 20-year-old woman has been prescribed estrogen. As with all women taking estrogen, the nurse will carefully monitor the patient for which of the following?

Group of answer choices

Lack of secondary sexual characteristics

Cardiovascular complications

Early epiphyseal closure

Decreased libido

Question 51 pts

A pregnant patient asks the Nurse Practitioner what over-the-counter medication she can take for recurring headaches. The nurse should recommend

Group of answer choices






6521 Walden University Week 11 Final Exam with answers.


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